About Me


At K. Gunder Tools, we eat, sleep, and breath crafting. Since production began in 2020, K. Gunder Tools has set out to disrupt the crafting industry. Founded by crafting creative, K’teonia Gunder, K Gunder Tools was developed with crafters in mind. Gunder developed the basis for the business while pregnant with her twins.

To prepare for the arrival of her children, she started crafting to create custom clothing and nursery décor. From that, a passion was developed, and a new business venture was formed.

Gunder always knew she wanted to leave a mark in the crafting world, and she is doing just that as she introduces the world to K. Gunder Tools. The first African American, die-cut tools line; K. Gunder Tools offers crafters innovative sharpness one tool at a time. The one-of-a-kind tool kits are the first of their kind in the market. Crafters can create with great craftsmanship as each tool provides cutting edge precision.

These 5-piece tool kits are perfect for a variety of projects from vinyl decals to custom labels and much more. Sets are compatible tool kits to all Cricut, Cameo, and Silhouette devices. When shopping for new crafting items, do not forget to add K. Gunder Tools to your list.